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YSL-300 Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

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  • YSL-300 Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig
  • YSL-300 Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

As a full hydraulic power head (top drive) multifunctional drilling equipment, the YSL-300 hydraulic water well drilling rig is a useful tool for drilling water well and geothermal energy hole. In addition, this product can also be used in the construction of hydropower project, railway, highway, and urban foundation, for large diameter hole or inclined hole drilling, Apart from that, our hydraulic water well drilling rig is extensively used for the construction of grouting hole for reinforcement, small-scale foundation pile hole, mini pile, among others.

1. Coming with powerful drilling capacity, the hydraulic water well drilling rig has wide applications, rapid drilling speed, high drilling efficiency, and optimal accident handling capacity.
2. The speed of the power head is mechanically or hydraulically controlled, making the product suitable for drilling with DTH hammer, drill pipe, and rotary drilling with casing pipe.
3. Our wellhead equipment is particularly engineered with extension mechanism for the main shaft for effective protection to the drilling tool.
4. The direction of the power head and the orifice can be changed for wide drilling angle.
5. To realize automatic breakout, the hydraulic water well drilling rig is installed with hydraulic clamping and breakout device. The design is capable of helping users reduce the non-productive operation and labor intensity.
6. Since the drilling tool is installed on the crawler, the movement of the product is quite easy and convenient.
7. The main elements are imported from well-known suppliers home and abroad. So, our water well drilling tool has stable overall performance and long lifespan.
8. This range of product supports various drilling methods, for example standard DTH hammer drilling by air, long auger drilling, mud circulation drilling, DTH hammer drilling with tube drill, roller bit drilling, hydraulic impact drilling, circulation-liquid free dry drilling, and roller bit drilling.

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig
Hole Depth 300-500m
Hole Diameter 125-350mm
Drill Pipe Specifications Ф89×3000/6000, Ф114×3000/6000
Power Head Output Rotation Speed (forward/reverse) 35/71(low gear), 57/114(high gear)
Power Head Max. Output Torque 10000Nm
Power Head Feeding Stroke 3500/7000mm
Max. Power Head Lifting Capability 160kN
Max. Power Head Thrust Force 100kN
Mast Sliding Stroke 3500/7000mm
Gradeability 20°
Diesel Engine Power 125kW
Weight 11000kg
Transport Dimension 11500×2200×3300mm
Overall Dimension (Operating state) 5450×2200×12000mm
Through-hole Diameter 370
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