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Hydraulic Jet-grouting Drilling Rig

YGL-20X hydraulic jet-grouting drilling rig is equipped with a fully hydraulic power head (top drive). It can be applied in directional and circulatory jet grouting works, and high pressure jet grouting in Quaternary Cover Areas such as soil, sand, pebbly layers and so on. Pendulum jet-grouting function can also be achieved by utilizing optional pendulum jetting devices.

The hydraulic drilling equipment can also be used in construction of industrial, urban and civil buildings, high-rise building basements, roadbed, bridges, dam foundation and subway, etc. for anti-infiltration and anti-seepage.

The hydraulic drilling rig is suitable for a variety of drilling methods, like dry auger drilling, DTH hammer impact drilling, and drilling with casing pipe, etc. Therefore, it can be used in different terrains and complex drill work conditions in order to effectively resolve the problem of difficulty of drilling in loose stratum, gravel layers, broken-rock stratum, etc.

The drilling rig can be equipped with various drilling tools, such as singe pipe, duplex pipe, triplex pipe drill heads and so on. It has various chassis mode like skid mounted, crawler mounted, step-walking mounted and so on. Hence, customers can choose the desired chassis according to their requirements.


Hydraulic Jet-grouting Drilling Rig YG-20X (Skid) YGL-20X (Crawler)
Total Weight kg 1800 3500
Length x Width x Height (Transport Type) m 3.7×1.1×1.4 4.9×2.0×1.9
Length x Width x Height (Work Type) m 2.8×1.1×3.75 3.5×2.0×5.0
Engine Model Y180L-4 + Y112M-4 (electromotor)
Power kW 22 + 4
Nominal Hole Depth m 30~50
Hole Diameter mm 150~90
Hole Angle Range degree -90~-5
Drill Head Rotary Speed rpm 0~17(stepless); 0~40(stepless); 53; 70; 130; 170
Drill Head Max. Torque N.m 2800
Feed Travel mm 2300 (Drill pipe: 2m) 3500 (Drill pipe: 3m)
Thrust Force kN 30
Lifting Capacity KN 45
Lifting Speed m/min 0~2.4(stepless), 4.3, 30
1 Pendulum Jetting Device Automatically electric control, Swing frequency adjustable
2 Crawler Chassis Walking Speed m/min 15
Unit Pressure MPa < 0.05
Climbing Ability degree ≤20
3 Hydraulic Winch Lifting Capacity KN 12
4 Triplex Pipe Drill Head

Terms of Trade
1. MOQ: 1pcs
2. Delivery cycle: 0-7 months
3. Shipment port: Wuxi / Shanghai
4. Payment terms: Cash On Delivery
5. International markets: The United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Morocco, Armenia, Oman, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan, and more.

As a professional hydraulic jet-grouting drilling rig manufacturer in China, we also offer hydraulic crawler drilling rig, hydraulic geothermal drilling rig, exploration hydraulic core drilling rig, hydraulic crawler water well drilling rig, underground drilling rig, and more.

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