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YGL-S100 Sonic Drilling Rig

  • YGL-S100 Sonic Drilling Rig
  • YGL-S100 Sonic Drilling Rig

The YGL-S100 sonic drilling rig is a kind of heavy duty drilling equipment with wide applications. This crawler-mounted sonic drilling rig is applicable for drilling environmental investigation hole, monitoring well, soil remediation and GSHP hole, and some others.

Technical Parameters of Sonic Drilling Rig
Models YGL-S100
Rated Drilling Depth(m) 100
Sampling/GSHP Drilling Diameter(mm) 86/126
Power Head Rotation Speed(rpm) 0-41, 0-82
Power Head Impact Frequency(cpm) 4000
Power Head Vibration Force(kN) 78.4(8000kgf)
Drill Head Angle 0-67° (Max. diameter 170mm)
Power Head Feeding/Lifting Power(KN) 40/60
Drill Head Feeding Stroke(mm) 3500
Winch Lifting Force (KN) (single rope) 11
Diesel Engine(kW) CUMMINS 4BT3.0-C100 100ps@1800
Transportation Dimension 6300×2150×2550
Approx. Weight (kg) 8500
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