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Sampler, Core Barrel, Coring Tools, Soil Test Tool

Sampler, Core Barrel, Coring Tools, Soil Test Tool

P series double-tube swivel type core barrel is widely used in geological prospecting drilling and core drilling
This core barrel can effectively increase core recovery and intactness. Its derivative products include triple-tube core barrel, split inner-tube core barrel, and extend inner-tube core barrel. They can satisfy the demand of core drilling, geological and hydro-geological prospecting, inspection of grouting pile and sampling for soft foundation treatment.

1. Inimitable single-acting structure design provides our coring tools good single-acting performance, reliable sealing property and long service life.
2. The tool is designed with an adjustable mechanism for its inner-tube (sampling tube) assembly, which allows itself to adjust its axial position according to geological conditions. This design is also good to improve the core recovery.
3. Equipped with a check valve, our core barrels allows the core to enter into sampling tube conveniently.
4. An upper wear-resistant stabilizer is available to increase the core barrel rotary stability and reduce the wear.


Type P59 P75 P91 P110TH P130TH P150
Drilling bit O.D./I.D. φ59/φ41.5 φ75/φ54.5 φ91/φ68 φ112/φ79 φ132/φ103 φ152/φ113
Outer tube O.D./I.D. φ58/φ51 φ73/φ65.5 φ89/φ81 φ108/φ99 φ127/φ118 φ146/φ137
Inner tube O.D./I.D. φ47.5/φ43 φ62/φ56.5 φ77/φ70 φ89/φ81 φ112.5/φ105 φ127/φ118

Terms of Trade
1. MOQ: 1pcs
2. Delivery cycle: 0-7 months
3. Shipment port: Wuxi / Shanghai
4. Payment terms: Cash On Delivery
5. International markets: The United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Morocco, Armenia, Oman, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan, and more.

Jinfan is a specialized drilling rig manufacturer in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including geothermal drilling rig, underground drilling rig, engineering crawler drilling rig, and more. Drilling tools and Drilling accessories such as coring tool, core barrel, diamond bit and DTH drilling tool are also available.

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Company Brief: JINFAN Drilling Equipment Company is a renowned drilling rig manufacturer and supplier in China. Our most popular products include a hydraulic anchor drill rig, hydraulic crawler drilling rig, water well drilling rig, core drilling rig, in addition to a variety of related drilling tools including our DTH hammer, pulling machine, eccentric casing bit and wire-line core barrel. Our drilling machines are commonly used in GSHP systems, engineering geological investigation, water well construction, water conservation, and petroleum and natural gas exploration industries.