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Hydraulic Dual Top Drive Crawler Geothermal Crawler Drilling Rig

The YGSL-120R hydraulic dual top drive crawler geothermal crawler drilling rig is ideal for a variety of drilling methods and ground conditions, especially the non-compacted ground layer, the gravel layer, and the fragmented rock stratum.
It is widely used in the boring of not only the GSHPs hole, water well, and water exploration hole, but it also creates the drainage hole and large tonnage pre-stressed anchorage holes for various geotechnical engineering projects, including side-slope construction of dams, railways and highways, and more. In addition, it can be used for pipe shed drilling in underground engineering projects, grouting reinforcement hole drilling, small foundation pile boreholes, and making holes for landslide disaster and rock collapse prevention projects.

1. The hydraulic dual top drive crawler geothermal crawler drilling rig is equipped with a front and a rear power head, which makes a variety of drilling methods possible. For instance, it can achieve single rotating drilling for both inner and outer drilling tools, and it also achieve rotating drilling for inner drilling tools and reverse drilling for the outer casing.
2. There are two levels (high speed and low speed) of rotary speed output. The rotary speed can be steplessly adjusted in rating speed range of each level, which makes the drill suitable for a variety of boring methods and techniques, such as rotary drilling, impact drilling (Down-the-hole Hammer drilling), impact and rotary drilling, auger drilling and so on.
3. Designed with large rotational torque and long feed travel, the drilling rig provides a fast drilling speed. In addition, the safety and the hole-making efficiency of the equipment is greatly improved.
4. The drilling rig comes with a crawler track type chassis. This makes machine moving and hole positioning convenient and fast, thus saving time while moving from one drilling task to another at one work site.
5. Equipped with internationally famous brands of hydraulic pumps, motors and operating valves, our machinery provides stable and reliable performance and has a long service life.
6. The drilling rig is installed with hydraulic wrenching and clamping devices, which make clamping and loosening of drilling tools quick, convenient and dependable. This design also enormously reduces the labor for operators during drilling.
7. Our equipment features a modular design, ensuring convenient transportation. In addition, a Lineate Remote Moving Control Device and Safety Emergency Stop Switch are available upon request.

1. Hole Depth (m): 150~80
2. Hole Diameter (mm): Ф100~195
3. Drill Rod Power Head Rotary Speed (Rotate/Reverse) (rpm): 5~35(Low); 5~70(High)
4. Drill Rod Power Head Maximum Output Torque (Nm): 6000
5. Casing Pipe Power Head Rotary Speed (Rotate/Reverse) (rpm): 10
6. Casing Pipe Power Head Maximum Output Torque (Nm): 12000
7. Feed Travel (mm): 3500
8. Lifting Capability (kN): 55
9. Thrust Force (kN): 35
10. Mast Sliding Stroke (mm): 850
11. Mast Swing Angle (º): 90 Left, 20 Right; or 20 Left, 90 Right
12. Clamp Inner Diameter (mm): 200
13. Upper Platform Turning Range (º): 30 Right, 90 Left; or 30 Left, 90 Right
14. Climbing Ability (º): 20
15. Crawler Walking Speed (kM/h): 1.2
16. Engine Power (kW)(Diesel Engine): 125
17. Overall Dimension (Transport State) (mm): About 7650x2250x3217
18. Total Weight (kg): About 8500
19. Optional Equipment
a) 1.1 Ton Hydraulic Winch / Tools Hoist
b) Mud Pump
c) Wet Mode Dust Cleaning Device
d) Lineate Remote Moving Control Device
e) Safety Emergency Stop Switch

Terms of Trade
1. MOQ: 1pcs
2. Delivery cycle: 0-7 months
3. Shipment port: Wuxi / Shanghai
4. Payment terms: Cash On Delivery
5. International markets: The United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Morocco, Armenia, Oman, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan, and more.

Jinfan is a professional hydraulic dual top drive crawler geothermal crawler drilling rig manufacturer in China. We can offer not only geothermal drilling rig, but also core drill, engineering crawler drilling rig, jet-grouting drilling rig, exploration drilling rig, anchor drill rig, and more.

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Company Brief: JINFAN Drilling Equipment Company is a renowned drilling rig manufacturer and supplier in China. Our most popular products include a hydraulic anchor drill rig, hydraulic crawler drilling rig, water well drilling rig, core drilling rig, in addition to a variety of related drilling tools including our DTH hammer, pulling machine, eccentric casing bit and wire-line core barrel. Our drilling machines are commonly used in GSHP systems, engineering geological investigation, water well construction, water conservation, and petroleum and natural gas exploration industries.