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Hydraulic Surface Core Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Surface Core Drilling Rig

YDX-200 hydraulic surface core drilling rig is suitable for conventional diamond core drilling in geological exploration fields, such as exploration of metal and nonmetal mines, coal and oil fields, gas fields, etc. It can drill holes from vertical to elevation angles through various sorts of formation including soft, hard and broken or fractured formation by wet, dry and flush drilling method.

1. This drilling equipment has a wide range of rotary speed which can be changed from high to low steplessly, and is suitable for various drilling methods such as carbide bit drilling and diamond bit drilling, etc.
2. Entirely hydraulic drive and operating make it have stepless speed-changing, great drilling capability, wide range of applications, rapid borehole speed and high work efficiency, especially while using wire-line core drilling method.
3. We can offer hydraulic core drilling rigs in various forms, such as skid mounted, trailer mounted and crawler mounted ones, for customers to choose from.
Skid mounted type has the advantages like good mobility, small size and light weight, so it is convenient for disassembly and assembly as well as transportation. It also suitable for lineate remote operation.
Trailer and crawler drilling rigs has better mobility and transportability as compared with skid type, and crawler type equipment offers precise hole center positioning.
4. A series of optional metering devices are provided for ensuring accurate drilling control, such as pressure gauges, oil pressure gauges, rotary speed and feeding speed gauges, etc.
5. This full hydraulic top drive power head core drilling rig is equipped with world-famous brand hydraulic components including hydraulic motor, pump, and operating valve, etc. This ensures reliable equipment performance and long service life.


1. Working range
(A) Drilling depth with rod diameter NQ: 200 m
(B) Drilling depth with rod diameter BQ: 300 m
2. Power Head
(1). Rotational torque and rotational speed (diesel power)
I. Rotational torque / rotational speed: 1050 RPM / 215 Nm
II. Rotational torque / rotational speed: 585 RPM / 380 Nm
III. Rotational torque / rotational speed: 270 RPM / 810 Nm
IV. Rotational torque / rotational speed: 145 RPM / 1500 Nm
(2). Feed travel: 1800 mm or 3500mm
(3). Thrust Force: 30 kN
(4). Lifting Capability: 50 kN
3. Hydraulic winch
Main winch hoisting capacity: 32 KN
Wire line winch hoisting capacity: 12 KN
4. Mast height (from crown to ground level): 8.5m (3500mm Feed Travel)
5. Power
Diesel Engine: 75kw / 2200rpm
Electromotor: 22kw / 1500rpm
6. Total weight of the machine
Total weight of YDX-200L (Crawler Mounted): About 4000 kg
Total weight of YDX-200T (Trailer Mounted): About 3000 kg
7. Mud pump (Optional) model: BW-150
8. Chassis of Drilling Rig: Skid / Trailer / Crawler Mounted (According to customer's requests)

YDX-200L Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Rig, Surface Exploration Drilling Riging Rig In Russia

Terms of Trade
1. MOQ: 1pcs
2. Delivery cycle: 0-7 months
3. Shipment port: Wuxi / Shanghai
4. Payment terms: Cash On Delivery
5. International markets: The United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Morocco, Armenia, Oman, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan, and more.

Jinfan is a professional hydraulic surface core drilling rig manufacturer in China. Apart from core drill, we also offer anchor drill rig, geothermal drilling rig, engineering crawler drilling rig, jet-grouting drilling rig, exploration drilling rig, etc.

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