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Anchor Drilling Rig

Anchor Drilling Rig

YG-60 anchor drill rig is manufactured with a fully hydraulic operated top drive power head. It is used to drill heavy duty pretension anchor holes at side slopes of impounding reservoir in water power stations, railways and highways, and drainage holes. It can also be used to prevent geologic calamity such as landslide disaster and rock collapse, etc. In addition, the drilling rig is ideal for creating small sized water wells and high pressure jet grout holes.
Currently, our anchor drill rigs have found wide range of applications in various projects such as hydropower stations situated in Yunnan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and Hubei provinces, and expressways as well such as Ninbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou (in Zhejiang), Huangshan-Hangzhou (in Zhejiang), Dali-Baoshan (in Yunnan). They have become the first priority for medium-duty anchoring-reinforcing projects in China. We are confident they are also ideal for any hole-making projects in international market.

1) The anchor drill rig has great drilling capacity, wide range of application, fast drilling speed, and high drilling efficiency, as well as good capability of dealing with accidents.
2) The output spindle of the top drive power head is designed with an extension mechanism, which can effectively protect drilling tools.
Through setting the power head and hole's top plate toward the opposite direction, the drilling rig can be used to create elevation angle holes and create holes with larger inclination range.
3) A set of front-mounted adjustable columns on drill frame is used for adjusting the height of mast front-end, which makes it convenient to align with hole site.
4) The anchor drill rig comes with separated structure design, so it can be simply assembled and disassembled and is convenient for transportation. In addition, it can achieve remote control operation and is an ideal solution to reduce operators' working intensity during drilling work.
5) The mast can be fixed onto staging directly using auxiliary parts like horizontal axle and buckles, which ensures light equipment weight and convenient transportation.
6) Equipped with imported hydraulic motor and other key components acquired from Chinese reputed enterprises, the anchor drill rig is provided with stable running performance, reliable quality and long service life.
In addition, the wearing parts of the drilling equipment have good interchangeability due to their high grade of standardization and universal, which makes equipment maintenance convenient.
7) This anchor drilling rig is fully hydraulic driven and can achieve stepless speed setting. It is simple for operation, convenient for maintenance and has few wearing parts.
8) It can be used for various drilling methods such as carbide bit drilling, auger drilling, DTH hammer drilling, follow-up casing drilling etc.

Main Technical Specifications of Anchor Drilling Rig
1) Hole depth: 60-70 m
2) Hole diameter: 130-180 mm
3) Drilling rod Diameter×Length: 73×1500 mm 89×1500 mm
4) Hole angle range: 0-120º
5) Output speed of top drive power head (forward and reverse): 5-130 r/min
6) Output torque of top drive power head: 2500 Nm
7) Feed travel of top drive power head: 1800 mm
8) Mast slide stroke: 500 mm
9) Maximum lifting capacity of top drive head: 45 kN
10) Maximum thrust force of top drive power head: 30 kN
11) Rated pressure of hydraulic system: 18 Mp
12) Motor
Type Y180L-4
Power: 22 kW
13) Overall dimension of main set: 3100×1000×1500 mm
14) Weight: 1300 kg
15) Weight of the heaviest component: 200 kg

This anchor drill rig, as a achievement in science and technology, is accredited by Science and Technology Office of Jiangshu Province, in January, 2003.
The drilling machine has obtained two items of national patent. Chinese patent number:


Prevent land slide at an express way of Yunnan province
Drilling hole at Sichuan-Xichang highway site (Changdu city, Xicang)
Prevent ancient landslide at Bachimen (in Fuding city, Fujian province)

Terms of Trade
1. MOQ: 1pcs
2. Delivery cycle: 0-7 months
3. Shipment port: Wuxi / Shanghai
4. Payment terms: Cash On Delivery
5. International markets: The United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Morocco, Armenia, Oman, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan, and more.

Jinfan is a professional anchor drill rig manufacturer in China. We provide a wide range of products, including water well drilling rig, core drill, geothermal drilling rigs, jet-grouting drilling rig, underground drilling rigs, and more.

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