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Environmental Sampling Sonic Drilling Rig
2015-12-01 15:24:41
Environmental Sampling Sonic Drilling Rig

The debut of environmental sampling sonic drilling rig inChinathat model No. called YGL-S50 which was developed by Jinfan. The machine will be launched into market after passed quality acceptance. The sampling drilling machine is be produced compact-sized, small-frame, installed the imported sonic drill head, costs effective and efficient.

The YGL-S50 shows drilling fast and low noise characteristics. The soil survey, heavy metals/dioxin/VOC /grease of groundwater survey projects etc. are all required the YGL-S50.

As a kind of advanced and efficient drilling machine, the YGL-S50 improved the domestic technology level in the field of environment pollution sampling survey.

Characteristics & Specification:

1. Drilling fast and ensure the integrity of samples; kinds of drilling methods; green construction with no pollution.

2. compact-sized, small-frame, costs effective and efficient.

3. Maintenance convenience and lower costs.

4. Low noise.

5. Drill rods including1.5mand2mfor preference.

6. Hydraulic pipe holder.

7. Hole diameter:90mm-130mm.

8. Hole depth:20m 50m.